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Air Venturi Airguns

Be safe! Always wear safety glasses when shooting guns. In fact everyone in the area should wear safety glasses (even if they're not shooting) as projectiles can ricochet. Our Air Venturi-branded safety glasses will fit a great variety of people because of the adjustable temples...pull them out to ..
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Male Quick-Disconnect Fitting With O-Ring Converts Sam Yang- Sumatra & Career rifles to connect to the Benjamin 3-stage hand pump Connects to female quick-disconnect (AV-00026)- which has 1/8 BSPP threads & fits most scuba tank & hand pump adapter hoses Installation instructions: To start the old f..
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Keep your friends close, and your arrows closer. This Quiver Mounting Bracket keeps your Air Bolts at the ready! No digging around through your backpack for another bolt, or lugging around a bolt case while on the trail. To use, simply mount the bracket on your double or single tank PCP (adaptor i..
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For use with the 13 cubic inch Air Venturi Tank with Adapter.Air Venturi Buttstock FeaturesFits 13 ci cylindersFor use with the 13 cubic inch Air Venturi Tank with Adapter..
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O-Ring replacement set for Evanix, FX, Kral Arms, Logun, Raider, Hammerli Pneuma series, Hatsan and Air Venturi HaleStorm high-pressure probes...
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Air Venturi Rockin' Rat Airgun Target Heavy-duty steel construction Sight in using the top 1.5" paddle Center 1.5" kill zone tests your proficiency Be careful, one bad shot and the rat rocks back and forth Includes 2 paddles - one for practice, one for skill For .177-, .20- and .22-caliber l..
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Although repeaters are convenient, there's something to be said for single-shots: They're more precise. If you want more precision, insert this Air Venturi single-shot tray into your Benjamin Marauder's breech. It fits in the same slot where you would normally load the rotary clip. This fits only t..
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Enjoy hours of fun with the resetting Stampede Pellet Trap. Each heavy-duty steel target resets when shot. Easily mount your pellet trap on the wall or leave it free-standing, inside our out. With no assembly required you'll be out-of-the-box ready for non-stop shooting enjoyment. Air Venturi Sta..
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If you originally bought the AGE Quiet Pellet Trap for your low-powered air guns but now want something more robust, get this 10-gauge steel backstop and pull out the big guns! With the steel backstop your pellet trap can take shots from air rifles and air pistols delivering up to 20 ft-lbs. of ene..
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Microbore hoses are a great way to get air into your gun without having to fill up a large-diameter hose- which is what traditionally comes with fill equipment such as scuba tanks and hand pumps. Our microbore hose fills your gun faster so you can spend more time shooting and less time filling. DN..
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Do you have what it takes to defeat the Medusa?  Conquer this spinning target and become an airgun legend!  With 9 spinning targets, defeating the Medusa is a difficult task indeed.  Each target paddle is only 2.1" wide, presenting a formidable challenge for shooters of all skill levels.  As you s..
$48.39 $54.99
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Air Venturi Paper Targets Premium Cardstock Paper Targets High-Contrast Print Compatible with BB/pellet traps 5 1/2" x 5 1/2" Square 100ct..
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