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The AirSaber is Umarex's entry in the ever expanding "airbolt/arrow" pre-charged pneumatic market. With the capability of firing a 375 gr carbon fiber arrow at velocities of up to 400 fps, this is definitely a heavy contender. Those speeds and arrow weights can generate up to 150 FPE, making it idea..
$335.99 $399.99
Ex Tax:$335.99
With their first introduction to the break barrel market, SIG has knocked it out of the park with the ASP20. It’s perfect for extremely accurate backyard shooting and pest control. Chambered in both .177 and .22 caliber, each versions piston is charged accordingly, to send rounds downrange at the ..
$335.99 $399.99
Ex Tax:$335.99
The classic Ruger 10/22 that most young shooters recall as their first rifle, is now available in CO2! Capable of throwing pellets downrange at 650 fps, using two 12 gram CO2 cartridges, this 10/22 is an almost an identical replica of the rimfire rifle you grew up with. The trigger is double action..
$125.96 $149.95
Ex Tax:$125.96
.25 caliber 16.54 grains DomedLead-free 150 pellets..
$15.11 $17.99
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Brand: H&N Pellets
Heavy, extremely accurate pellet for long ranges. First-class aerodynamic design for high impact and penetration. Tightest shot groups. Lowest rate of lead fouling and consistent shot spreads thanks to special alloy and lubrication. Caliber: .177 Grain: 10.65 Head Size: 4.52mm Quantity: 40..
$13.85 $16.49
Ex Tax:$13.85
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